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Quality Towards Customers. This time. Next time. Everytime.

Radiant Instrument & Electrical Engineering Pte. Ltd. is an engineering and installation company specialized in instrumentation and electrical engineering works. It provides a wide range of services from basic design, engineering, sourcing and procurement of control systems to the installation of field instrumentation and electrical equipment. Being one of the finest contractors in this specialized trade in Singapore, the company is constantly engaged in projects with major clients or their appointed consultants.

Having matured over the years and well experienced, the company is keen on taking all types of engineering and installation work that demands full commitment. Geared with well trained and experienced project managers, engineers and craftsmen the company is well positioned to meet the most stringent requirements.

It is the company's intention to extend its services to a wider spectrum of customers. Hence, the investments in training for our staff to update their skills and technology. The will to exceed in our work is our policy for success. We believe in the refinement of skills and the pride in our productions. Nothing less will satisfy!
We are committed to the implementation and continual improvement of the quality management system effectiveness to meet SS ISO 9001 requirements to assure our products and services meet customer's requirements at all time.

Our quality motto shall be
"Quality towards customers is our path to success."