Safety and Health |

In Radiant, safety is not an option. It’s a necessity.

Radiant Instrument & Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd, is committed to Safety, Health and Environment performance. We have a systematic approach to Safety, Health and Environment, designed to ensure compliance with the laws and other requirements to which we subscribe to. We shall manage Safety, Health and Environment matters as any other critical business activity and shall promote a culture in which all our employees share these commitments.

Safety and Health is a major part of the company's management duties. Hence, a senior manager is assigned to plan and implement the company's safety and health programme. Additionally, safety committee is formed each year to draw up policy and action plan to ensure good safety performance.

Proficiency in safety means productivity, with less down time. Recognizing that, the company is fully committed to safety, not only for the competitive edge in the business but also for the well being of our employees. Safety induction and regular safety retraining are compulsory for all our staff. It has become an integral part of the company. With an excellent safety record, the company have clearly demonstrated its superiority in its safety & health control. Our effort have also received many commendations from our valued clients.

Work procedures and methods are often devised to enhanced safe working. Safety teams are formed to study the risks of each piece of work before applying any work method. The management constantly conduct site audits to further enhance the safety of each worksite and to enforce total adherence of safety rules and regulations.